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Fascination Street

Jul 31, 2017

Hey guys, In this episode we visit with my friend Glynis Miller. We catch up on family and life, but most importantly Glynis tells us the story of when she met one of her life long idols IN PERSON! Recorded in a restaurant, some back ground music and general noise, but it shouldn't be too bad. ENJOY!!!

Jul 17, 2017

Hey guys, T.V. and movie writer and podcast host Stephen Krueger was kind enough to invite me into his home shortly before he moved away from the great state of Texas. We had beers, conversation, and lots of fun. He can regularly be heard on NOONER podcast on the Smodcast Podcast network. 

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Jul 3, 2017

Hey guys, This is a little interview with my mother in law as our flight was delayed on a recent trip to NYC to see Hamilton (and the sights). I found this to be a pretty fascinating interview, and I hope you do too. AS it turns out, I am pretty sure this will end up being part 1 of 2 (or more) since we didn't get to...